Reviews for Silenced for Good

'One heck of a twisty ride, guys !'

Puzzle Paws 1

'One seriously gripping read which kept me guessing and which kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.'

Ginger Book Geek

'A highly enjoyable read set in beautiful scenery.'

Nicki's Book Blog

'Silenced for Good is a very good novel.'

Scintilla Info

' It's a great read, interesting and will keep your attention while reading'

I Love Reading

'If you're in need for something to get your pulse racing and mind going 100 miles per hour I cannot recommend this novel enough.'


'If you like a well composed crime novel with plenty of violence and a gripping story, this one's for you.'

Fany Reads English

'I found the characters intriguing with a pace of story that was wonderful.'


''...an edgy crime series pushing boundaries all the time.'  

Rachel Bustin

'This is an excellent read that had me hooked from the beginning.'

The Divine Write.

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