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Transplant. The Call.

So, I had been cleared for transplant and 'listed' ie I was somewhere on the National Waiting List for livers.

Seemingly livers come in various categories. Worried that my cancer would metastasise (the fancy word for spread), I ticked the box that said I would take pretty much anything. I was not choosy.

I was told that I might have to wait about nine months. That seemed an awfully long time. Would the embolisation hold out that long ? I was resigned to monthly scans, so my life would become like a horrible game of Monopoly where you keep circling the board hoping not to land on a bad square.

The other thing that I had been told was that two times out of three when you're called in, you get sent home again.

Anyway, about ten days in, I got a call on my landline at about one am. It was the Royal Free to say that they had a liver for me. They would send transport so I just had to go and have a cup of tea and wait.

About half an hour later I was in the back of a local taxi driving the twenty odd miles to London.

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