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My Writer's Life...cont.

The image is taken from the app on my phone 'Journal'. This was from Sat 23 March. I woke up early (usually it's 7am) and couldn't sleep so I got up. I do meditation daily using an app 'Mindfulness.' The I learnt my German vocab, today's 23 March which is the letter W (23 in the alphabet) so I revise my German words beginning with W in my vocab spreadsheet for 15 mins. Then I wrote some more of the new Charlie Hunter.

At 8.30 I had an appointment with an osteopath to look at my sore foot (it's gout again-long, tedious painful story, I was hoping it wasn't but there you go). Then an hour at the gym 9.15 to 10.15. Then to local bakery and an espresso in my Italian coffee shop. The owner is a tough looking Neapolitan in his fifties with an insanely powerful grip - that explains the entry - 'hand crushed.'

I'm a keen gardener, currently doing up the (small) lawn. Lots of moss. I bought a scarifier online (£80). Drove to Homebase picked it up, used it for a bit. Absolutely fantastic.

Then I made lunch. I, we, my wife and I, are predominantly vegetarian with some fish and meat about once a week. We rarely eat out - this was a chickpea salad- pomegranate seeds, diced cucumber, chopped parsley, garlic, diced celery in a vinaigrette dressing. And a rocket salad with tomatoes.

I had a short sleep then back to Charlie 4.

I do Calisthenics at home three or four times a week, very enjoyable, then Italian vocab and read my Italian book, title on Author info. Dinner - lentil curry, brown rice.

I was asked to read a book for review so I did that for an hour, then back to rewrites on my own book.

Then Kneips bath, alternate hot and cold water treatment with epsom salts for gout (a new thing) to complement my Allopurinol which worked a dream pre transplant but not so great now.

For those lucky enough not to know, gout is fucking agonising.

Duolingo French, evening meditation, learnt a bit more of This Be the Verse by Philip Larkin (only three verses, now I know them) by heart.

Bed about eleven.

That is kind of a typical day, apart from the osteopath, Homebase and having my hand crushed - the cafe's normally run by a couple of kids who i assume are either nephews or children. I never watch tv (except Taskmaster and athletics when it's on, oh, and the Tour de France) and seldom go out.

I'm a dull guy, basically....

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