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Lecce, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - (1 - the Bad)

We are just back from three weeks in Lecce. It's a baroque city of great beauty made of gleaming white limestone set in the heel of Italy.

So, like I said, it's very beautiful, historic, tantalising glimpses of roof gardens, the occasional palm tree, the historic centre unchanged in hundreds of years.

We were in an Air B&B, fronting on to a square that when we arrived was utterly silent and deserted. Now, we had been warned about a noisy bar. I dismissed this. We've been to Italy many times, bars tend to close about eight pam and anyway, the Italians (unlike the British) are not great drinkers. Anyway, there was no sign of a bar to be seen.

About nine fifty pm on our first night ( a Tuesday) we heard the noise of steel shutters being raised. And ? Then at ten pm, the first raised voices. The quiet square had cobbled blocks of stone on the ground, the buildings are all stone, at ten pm a dropped teaspoon would have made an audible clang.

By ten thirty it was cacophony, we stared at each other aghast ! Zio Franco (Uncle Frank) was tiny so all the customers spilled out into the square, shouting and 11.00 we thought maybe it will end 12am, surely it must end soon, it's Tuesday for Crissake, at 1 much longer...There were also fireworks and airhorns. It was the place for drinkers in Lecce to go to for late night drinking and there was nothing that could be done.

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