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Embolisation (2)

So, bright and early I walked out of my room and down to the hospital. I was prepped and wheeled down in my bed to the bowels of the hospital where I waited in a bay in a space that was either A&E or used by A&E. I say this because an unfortunate guy was brought in to the bay opposite who had suffered a massive heart attack at work followed by several other ones, I gather he was only alive because they kept injecting him with adrenaline (?). From where I was lying I could just see his work-boots, which were clean and polished. This was about 10 am or so. You could easily imagine him, that morning, cleaning his shoes, setting off for work, head full of worries, pre-occupations, fears and hopes for the future, thinking about the day ahead, schedules, deadlines, work colleagues and then BAMMMM !

Lights out.

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