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Embolisation (1)

Updated: Nov 25

Embolisation involves sealing off the blood vessels that lead to the tumour, damaging it and retarding its growth. (At least that is how i understood it). They insert something via your femoral artery and do it that way.

The op was scheduled for a Monday morning and I stayed overnight at a hotel in Camden, a Premier Inn hub, which was quite fun, windowless but it had a sort of Blade Runner vibe, helped by the fact that Camden High Street on a Sunday night was filthy, rubbish strewn, sleazy - again like a dystopian vision of the future. My mood kind of matched that.

I woke up early, did some yoga in the cramped confines of my room, then walked up from Camden High Street, along Haverstock Hill, to Hampstead. It took about forty minutes, it was a great walk, the area getting posher and posher the further you get from Camden and closer to Hampstead.

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