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So, the embolisation was Sept 11, the assessment for my suitability for a transplant was on Oct 1.

Three long weeks. What to do ? I had no idea if the embolisation had worked or not. Was the tumour still growing ? If so, how big was it ? How quickly do they grow ? Had it metastised ?

I exercised like crazy. If I do one more rep, one more sit-up, one more pull-up, run another half k, that'll stop it. That'll kick start my body's defences. Clutching at non-existent straws. Listening to Jack Kornfield on end of life meditations.

I went up to our flat in Edinburgh. I saw Hawkwind at the Albert Hall, they were great.

I travelled up to Hampstead on the Sunday night and stayed at the hospital guest wing, gratis. Nice room with a view of Hampstead and a frankly creepy Gothic church, so I could be there bright and early for my assessment.

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