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A Quiet Saturday

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Maybe this title is a bit misleading as it implies that Saturdays are often hectic or exciting, I do usually lead a quiet life, but post-operation it's both quiet and slow. I usually get up at 7 am. Pre-op I would have done yoga, I can't do that for three months now, so I meditate instead. Then, learn some Italian or German vocab, followed by a walk just before nine am. Pre-op this was a run, can't do that for three months.

Then work on Book 3 of the Charlie Hunter series, make lunch, ( cheese and onion quiche and tabbouleh) then go to bed for an hour.

Up at three, garden (very slowly) for half an hour, then more language learning, more writing and make dinner. I'm mainly vegetarian these days, so a vegetable curry (aloo matar) brown rice, apple compote that i made from my friend Roger's windfall apples, and ice cream.

Saturday night, more writing, some Jungian study, Italian grammar exercises. I will finish watching Twin Peaks series three (which I adore) then read a bit of my William Gibson book, then bed.

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